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Committee reports

Nelson Rugby Football Club Committee Report April 2016.

From Grant Crossett

Firstly a big thanks to all our sponsors. Your support as always is greatly appreciated.  The committee would like to remind all members that our sponsors are listed on our email correspondence, the club website, on the rolling digital display and on the sponsors boards at the club. So please take note of these great supporters of our club.

It has been a great start to the season with a lot of hard work done by a lot of people to ensure the club and clubrooms are ready for each week and ready especially for any of our senior home games. This relies heavily on funding obtained by Jud Hadfield who always seems to be able to get the funding needed for such things as tackle bags and hit shields for the junior club and the monies for the payment of the insurance and field hire and first aid for the club. 

Also so much revolves around the efficiency of the kitchen and in that area Amanda rules supreme. The feedback we have to date on the meals provided and the service the kitchen provides is a tenement to the level of work Amanda and her helpers put into this area.

The committee is always striving to move forward and to honour the legacy of the club by continually looking to the future. To this end there has been several management initiatives put in place for the management of the club for 2016 with a Senior Management group created and headed by Brett Newcombe, which oversees the support for the senior playing squads. Jo Harwood and Nathan Gargiulo form part of that group with Jo also heading the bar management group. 

A further initiative has been the creation of Club Day Managers and Team liaisons for all home games where committee members and the senior coaches are rostered on to cover all the duties required for the teams and after match for any of our home games. That has been a big plus in managing our volunteers valued time.

The committee has also bought on board Grant Crossett as Operations Coordinator for the club. Part of Grants role is to help coordinate and organise various functions and projects for the club with the just completed and very successful Junior Club Training Day an example of that.

The Galbraith Group 1868 Club is up and running as a fundraiser for the club with to date two draws being completed. These draws have been run at home games with a further four draws to be completed.  These draws have created a lot of interest and bought a lot of past members back to the club. Prizes for the draws have been kindly provided by NBS, Aronui and The Speight’s Ale House.

This is but a small part of what the committee do on behalf of you our membership so if you have any suggestions and ideas that would make our great club an even greater one please pass those on to any committee member. 

And please remember you all do belong.