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'You Belong'

Nelson Rugby Football Club (NRFC) is New Zealand's Oldest Rugby Football Club and as such hold a special place as a steward... See more »

Privacy Policy

NRFC recognises the need to ensure the welfare and privacy of all people in NRFC activities. As part of our commitment, we... See more »

Emergency Action Plan (EAP)

*Emergency Management* *Possible Emergencies* *Natural* *Earthquake* *Tsunami* *Flood* *Storm / Lightning* *Manmade* *Fire* *Injury/Medical Emergency* *Procedures* The Emergency Action Plan will be... See more »

Trafalgar Park Procedures

NRFC Team Managers/Coaches using Trafalgar Park are responsible to implement these procedures. Keys must be picked up by 4.00pm Friday from Tasman... See more »