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As New Zealand’s first official Rugby Football Club we current members have a duty to ensure we uphold the honour of the club with our behaviour and performance both on and off the field.

Anytime we are involved in club activities or wear the Nelson Rugby Football Club insignia we are representing the Nelson Rugby Football Club.

'You Belong'

Nelson Rugby Football Club (NRFC) is New Zealand's Oldest Rugby Football Club and as such hold a special place as a steward... See more »

Privacy Policy

NRFC recognises the need to ensure the welfare and privacy of all people in NRFC activities. As part of our commitment, we... See more »

Emergency Action Plan (EAP)

*Emergency Management* *Possible Emergencies* *Natural* *Earthquake* *Tsunami* *Flood* *Storm / Lightning* *Manmade* *Fire* *Injury/Medical Emergency* *Procedures* The Emergency Action Plan will be... See more »

Trafalgar Park Procedures

NRFC Team Managers/Coaches using Trafalgar Park are responsible to implement these procedures. Keys must be picked up by 4.00pm Friday from Tasman... See more »