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Life Members

The club has 50 life members, recognised for their contribution to club ethos — promoting the development of rugby for all people throughout the Nelson and Tasman region of New Zealand and beyond.

life members 2010

alan brydon

Alan Brydon

brent baxter

Brent Baxter

don fowler

Don Fowler

gary stewart

Gary Stewart

john goodman

John Goodman

murray west

Murray West

noel dayman

Noel Dayman

stuart dayman

Stuart Dayman

ted anderson

Ted Anderson

terry phillips

Terry Phillips

wn blincoe

W N Blincoe

j byrne

J Byrne

t byrne

T Byrne

es cresswell

E S Cresswell

b gallagher

B Gallagher

t mahoney

T Mahoney

WN Poole

W O Poole

h scrimigour

R Scrimgeour

wo shain

W O Shain

eg wilson

E G Wilson

K Strange

K R Strange

ST Graham

S T Graham

LP Jamieson

L P Jamieson


A Gargiulo

Noel Barton

N B Barton

W Andrews

W Andrews

Alan Weichern

A E Wiechern

JC Leahy

J C Leahy

D Fisher

D B Fisher

francesco garguilio

F V L Gargiulo

calvi garguilio

Calvi Gargiulo

Quentin Harwood

Quentin Harwood

Dick Weichern

Dick Wiechen

H Richardson

H Richardson

J Nesbit

J Nesbit

NB Levien

N B Levien

G Harper

G Harper

WR Walker Nelson Provincial Museum WE Brown Collection 15446

W R Walker (Nelson Provincial Museum, W.E. Brown Collection: 15446)

SD Levien Nelson Provincial Museum Tryee Studio Collection 53709

S D Levien (Nelson Provincial Museum, Tyree Studio Collection: 53709)

JB Sadd Jnr

J B Sadd (Jnr)

R Gilbert

R Gilbert

W A Reed

W A Reed

HN Schwass

H N Schwass

RV Phillips

R V Phillips

Mick Kinzett

C H A Kinzett

L Osborne

L Osborne

D Gargiulo

D Gargiulo

C Williams

C S Williams

Fred McCormack

F G McCormack

JB Sadd Snr Nelson Proincial Museum W.E. Brown Collection 11405

J B Sadd (Snr) (Nelson Provincial Museum, W.E. Brown Collection: 11405)