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Senior Prize giving 2021

After a shortened and tough season the club took the time to acknowledge the players who had delivered on and off the field and the people working behind the scenes that kept the club functioning.

We congratulate the winners and thank them for their contributions to the club.

Division 1

Pugh Cup: Issac salmon and Blair Robertson

Gargulio Trophy: Larry Banse and Kershaw Sykes-Martin

Under 21 Player of the year: Anton Wegner

Most Improved Player: Paddy Miller-Leaf

Player of the day: Connor Higgins

Division 2

Sportsman of the Year: Jackson Pugh

Most Improved Player: Matthew McClunie

Player of the year: Rakoia Dooley

Player of the day: Beaudy Wardell

Club Awards

Fowler Trophy - Sportsman of the year: Navarre Harbour and Conor Higgins 

Most Valuable Person: Quentin Harwood

Tenant Trophy - Administrator of the year: Kelly Kiniston

Presidents Cup (selected by Club President): Kent Inglis

John Goodman Trophy (selected by the Goodman family): Quentin and Jo Harwood