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Emergency Action Plan (EAP)

Emergency Management

Possible Emergencies


  • Earthquake
  • Tsunami
  • Flood
  • Storm / Lightning


  • Fire
  • Injury/Medical Emergency


  • The Emergency Action Plan will be displayed on the clubroom wall and clearly identifies the procedure to follow in the event of an emergency.
  • all staff and club members will be made aware of the EAP, evacuation procedures and safety procedures.
  • Emergency numbers are clearly displayed on the clubroom wall
  • The club will maintain a first aid kit
  • Assembly Point Signs will be clearly displayed around the building and the assembly points are the Trafalgar Street entrance to Trafalgar Park.



  • Evacuate clubroom facilities
  • Proceed to assembly point
  • Determine missing persons, evaluate risks to re-enter clubrooms to search for missing persons
  • Notify emergency personnel of suspected missing persons
  • Turn off electrical systems if main disconnect is accessible
  • Turn off natural gas at source / tank to prevent risk of fire


  • Evacuate clubroom facilities
  • Proceed to assembly point
  • Call 111 to notify fire department and/or listen to local radio stations
  • Confirm all persons safely out of building
  • Notify fire department upon arrival as to persons remaining, or other relevant information

Injury / Medical Emergency

  • Provide first aid, utilise first aid kit behind the bar
  • Call 111 for ambulance
  • For possible neck or back injuries, or if person is unconscious DO NOT attempt to move the injured person until emergency medical personnel are on-site and attending.


  • Suspend play in the presence of lightning
  • Shelter inside the clubrooms or training rooms from storm
  • Close doors, draw curtains in high wind conditions to mitigate risk of glass windows & doors breaking and injuring persons
  • If play / event is cancelled, assess conditions with respect to advising persons to leave facilities, if conditions are questionable call 111 to seek forecast advice from civil defence and / or listen to local radio stations.


  • Suspend play and retreat to clubrooms
  • Assess conditions and cancel play / event
  • Assess safety of roads based on depth of water, and whether water is still rising or falling.  If unsure of conditions, call 111 to seek advice from civil defence.


  • Cancel play / event
  • Advise all persons to leave grounds in an orderly fashion and retreat to higher ground, generally Botanical reserve or nearest elevated position.


Emergency and Useful Contacts List:


Civil Defence (General Information)                     (03) 546 0200

Clubrooms Contact Details                                   (03) 548 1349

President Contact                                                 (03) 546 7518

Hospital                                                                 (03) 546 1800

Doctor/Medical Centre after hours                        (03) 546 7881

OSH                                                                      (0800) 20 90 20 or

ACC                                                                      (0800) 222 776 or

Health Line                                                            (0800) 611 116 or

National Poisons Centre                                       (0800) 764 766 or

Police                                                                    (03) 546 3840 - Nelson Central

Electrician (L & F Electrical)                                  (03) 548 4665

Dial-a-Sober Driver                                               (03) 548 0333

Plumber (Andy Bennett)                                       (03) 545 2366

Nelson City Council Offices                                  (03) 546 0200



Signed by: Shane Graham on November 2014