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Trafalgar Park Procedures

NRFC Team Managers/Coaches using Trafalgar Park are responsible to implement these procedures. Keys must be picked up by 4.00pm Friday from Tasman Rugby Union office.


  • Open main gates
  • Open car gate
  • Open roller doors
  • Collect wheelie bins from beside skip and place in tunnel
  • Unlock toilets at back of Pavilion and toilet block by NRFC
  • Place team names on changing room doors


Take a cursory walk over ground checking or dangerous items (glass, cans, rubbish etc which may be deemed hazardous material)

  • Put mats out for chairs
  • Flags and goal pads out
  • Tread-ins and ropes on both sides of field (5m from touchline)
  • Subs chairs out along side-line (12 x each team - behind the rope)
  • Wheelie bin out on side-line


  • Bring in all equipment (as above) back into gear storage cupboard by tunnel
  • Please pick up all rubbish/strapping tape from field
  • Empty changing room rubbish bins into wheelie bins
  • Put wheelie bins back next to skip
  • Sweep out changing sheds and leave tidy
  • Turn off all lights
  • Lock up all toilets, roller doors and gates

Please return keys to Tasman Rugby Union after the game (these can be dropped through the slot in the door)